Dozens of employees of the San Bernardino County Health Department went to a work event on Wednesday, not knowing that hours later the packed conference room would be attacked by one of their own

Just after 11 am, Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik fired dozens of rounds indiscriminately into the room as people leapt behind toppled tables to survive the barrage of bullets.

Shannon Johnson, 45, and coworker Denise Peraza, 27, were in the room as the pair opened fire, and crouched behind a chair

“I got you,” said Johnson, as he wrapped his arm around her, shielding her from the gunfire.

Johnson died in the attack that took the lives of 14 people and left 21 others injured. Peraza survived, though she was shot in the back, and she says Johnson is the reason she is still alive. Read more…

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