Luke Walton — he of the Grateful Dead-inspired tattoo and pupil’s age — now shares the 2015-16 NBA season’s first Coach of the Month award

Walton, currently at the helm of the Golden State Warriors, won the award in the Western Conference. Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt won it in the Eastern Conference. But while Blatt had amassed 13 wins when the honors were announced Tuesday, the 35-year-old Walton had collected an official total of zero wins. What gives?

Blatt’s Cavaliers were 13-4 as of Tuesday morning. Walton’s Warriors — the defending NBA champs — were undefeated after 19 games, the best start to a season in NBA history. Walton was a no-brainer to win the award, even if none of those 19 Warriors wins are officially his to claim Read more…

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