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Lullabies have been helping parents soothe their fussy newborns for centuries, and numerous scientific studies have determined that music really does have a strong impact on the mind of an infant. For example, a British study that was conducted in 2013 found that a mere 10 minutes of music led to a significant reduction in each baby and toddler’s pain levels and heart rate speed.

This was especially notable because each participant had also previously been diagnosed with respiratory/heart problems. In other words, music does more than simply soothe babies. It can also provide them with some much-needed relief from the physical pain that accompanies everything from a medical condition to teething.

The news gets even better if your baby happens to have been born prematurely. Incorporating music into a preemie’s daily routine is a proven way to help calm their breathing, slow down their heartbeat and make it easier for them to fall asleep. Furthermore, researchers recently announced that music enables preemies to better allocate calories and oxygen toward growth and development as opposed to allowing energy to be wasted on stress.

When you combine these medical findings with the simple fact that music has helped babies relax throughout history, it simply makes sense to leave a soothing song on whenever it is time for your infant to take a nap. Fortunately, you no longer need to invest a lot of money into purchasing baby sleeping music. Instead, you can turn to YouTube and other similar sites to find a long list of suitable options. Here are six videos to help you get started.

1. Eight Hours of Lullabies

Your baby may not sleep for eight hours at a time right now, but this extended play video of relaxing lullabies should make it easier to start priming infants to fall asleep more easily and stay in dreamland for longer periods of time. As an added bonus, the music included in this video is soothing enough to help sleep-deprived parents drift off at the same time.

2. Mozart Baby Sleeping Music

The so-called Mozart effect may not actually be true, but science has proven that listening to classical music is a good way to improve spatial skills for up to one hour at a time. This can definitely be helpful for babies who are in the process of learning about everything that this world has to offer. However, even if you are focused solely on trying to get a fussy infant to fall asleep, Mozart can come to the rescue. With 12 hours of lullabies, this free music is sure to become a favorite in your household.

3. Brahms’ Lullaby

Your child will not be able to start asking for repetition until he or she gets a little older, but studies indicate that hearing or doing the same thing over and over again is very important for young minds. This is due to the fact that repetition is comforting, familiar and makes it easier for children to learn. Brahms’ Lullaby is soothing enough to put most babies to sleep, and playing 12 hours of this song may even shorten the duration of each late night wakeup.

4. Soothing Sea Waves

Instead of traditional baby sleeping music, you might find it more advantageous to turn to white noise. This can be less of an irritant to anyone who is awake and close enough to hear the music coming from your baby’s room. You may also discover that your infant falls asleep more easily to the sound of sea waves than actual music.

5. Lullaby Mix

If you are looking for a loop of lullabies that includes more than just one song, you will be able to utilize this eight hour loop. You are likely to recognize all of these lullabies, and they are presented in a very soothing format. Make sure your infant cannot see the screen, though, because the computer animation that plays throughout the entire eight hours is very eye-catching.

6. Fisher Price Lullabies

In some cases, it may be more helpful to have a video that does not run for several hours. The Fisher Price Lullabies video is long enough at two hours to put your baby down and help them stay asleep for a nap. This is also the ideal choice if your infant shows a preference for toy tones over traditional music or white noise options.

These videos are a free and easy way to help develop a better sleeping routine for your baby. Keep in mind that a baby who keeps crying may need other soothing remedies such as food, a diaper change, physical contact or assistance with a medical issue. It may also be helpful to play music in the background when your infant is dealing with stressful situations, including meeting a large group of new people and getting a checkup.

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