Yandex has added the mobile-friendly label to their mobile search results, for pages that meet their mobile-friendly criteria.

The Russian Search Tips blog reported on the change, saying Yandex announced it in Russian and now, mobile-friendly web sites will show the label.

Here is a picture of the label:


Yandex told me that this currently “does not influence on ranking at the moment” but that may change over the next several months. Yandex will let us know when it does change.

They also released a mobile-friendly diagnostic tool so webmasters can check to see if their sites are mobile-friendly. If they are not, the tool will offer advice on what changes to make to be mobile- friendly. Yandex contacted me to inform me that it only checks webpages, not the whole web-sites.

Here is a screen shot of that tool:


Earlier this week, Yandex told webmasters to stop blocking JS and CSS. I assume that notice was aimed at Yandex being able to detect better if a site is mobile-friendly or not, among other things.

Bing just recently rolled out their mobile -riendly testing tool, but had the mobile-friendly label for some time. Google released their mobile tool a year or so ago, with the mobile-friendly label.

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