PARIS — I walked through the 10th arrondissement about an hour and a half before the attacks. It was a beautiful fall evening in the city.

Despite a mid-November chill that arrived Friday afternoon, restaurant terraces and sidewalks were bustling when a wave of terror attacks killed at least 120 people. Now, President François Hollande has declared a state of emergency, and is sending 1,500 military into the streets.

I suspect I may wake up to a different city.

Eerily quiet streets. They were bustling just an hour or so ago.

— Jessica Plautz (@jessicaplautz) November 13, 2015

The attacks, which targeted a restaurant, a rock concert and a football stadium, involved bullets and bombs. Not since World War II has this city seen so much bloodshed. Bodies were counted by the dozen, and overnight the French news media were churching out headlines of “carnage,” “massacre” and “war.” Read more…

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