Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to run-ins with the law. And now the actor has written an essay describing lessons learned during his time behind bars

A newly released themed cookbook, entitled Prison Ramen, features an essay penned by LaBeouf which describes his experiences with being arrested — starting at the impressionable age of 9

In the essay, which LaBeouf has titled “Error Breeds Sense,” the actor writes (via E! News):

I have been incarcerated five times. The first time I was only nine years old. It was in Pacoima, California. I was arrested for stealing a pair of Nike Cortezes from a local shop and held for six hours … The second time I was eleven, in the city of Tujunga, California. I was arrested for stealing a Gameboy Pokémon from Kmart. That time, too, I was in a substation for about six hours. Read more…

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