NEW YORK – On Friday, the handful of remaining staffers at The Lucky Group’s editorial side were dismissed, the final gasp of a publication that once held sway over 1 million readers, many of them young women and avid online shoppers

The publication was once a jewel of Conde Nast’s portfolio of prestigious magazines, which include Vogue and The New YorkerLucky, appealing to young, fashionable women who were aspirational and professional, but lacked the money to even aspire to the haute couture in Vogue. It was a winning formula, for a time: Lucky once boasted over 1.1 million subscribers at one point. When Lucky launched in December of 2000, it was a radical approach to magazines, one of the first to be about shopping and the endorsement of products consumers had to buy. At its peak, Lucky magazine was once Advertising Age’s Magazine of the Year in 2003 Read more…

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