Pumpkin culture has become far too twee. We forget that pumpkins are born and bred in dirt, and they are tough. Unless you have a knife and can carve Taylor Swift’s face into them.

Some geniuses in Minnesota decided to undo the damage Starbucks has done and drop a 1,465-pound pumpkin onto a minivan, according to the Grand Forks Herald

Locals were psyched for the big event: “I think it’s pretty cool, I like destructive stuff,” one boy told the Grand Forks Herald. About 400 people showed up for the gourd’s dramatic demise.

The great pumpkin smash was a charity event benefitting Kittson County Literacy Council, and locals bought raffle tickets for the chance to operate the pumpkin. The honor ultimately went to 2-year-old Emerson, who very well may be Commander in Chief one day Read more…

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